Photo Frame Cases

Get Your Favorite Photo

on the back of a

Wood Phone Case



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A square 1:1 dimensions ratio or rectangle 1:2 ratio is available to best fit your image, artwork, text etc. In the mean time I will also add some special frames, like the heart-shaped one you can see in the video. I don't need a hard copy of your image just a high resolution digital file that can be sent over the internet, I will print with optimum quality on photo paper which later needs to be super-thin to be placed on back of the wood, behind resin, in a way that doesn't create a bump and has to be perfectly smooth to touch.


Frame designs are done by myself, then cut into thin wood using a laser cutter/engraver. the whole process is simplified in the project video. One imperfections that I had to overcome was to preserve such thin wood sheets and maintain strong and clean bond to other components, hence I tried the final product in freezing cold and really hot temperatures, humid and dry weather, to make sure the case can hold itself. the protective material is a shock absorbent soft TPU that is easy to be fit or removed. It is 1 mm raised on edges so the phone screen doesn't touch a surface when it is placed faced down.
for available phone cases see cell phone cases. 


Additional to the video here are some un-edited images of few other frame prototypes. there might be changes to colors in the final product, but if you prefer any other colors, I can do it for you at no extra cost. 

 For list of available models please see here

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