Colorful Fish - FossilForm drink coaster

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Made to order. 1-3 business days is what we need to make this prouduct ready.

Product Description

FossilForm handmade wood + resin + glitter drink coasters

This artwork is not a print on wood, It's deeper, it is removed-wood the shape of artwork and filled with a thin layer of resin. It's unique and new. It took me 2 years to perfect this method.
4 different wood species available for different choices. here's a brief description of each wood type.

This is an Made-to-order Item. It will take 2-3 business days to make.

Coaster dimensions approximately : 3" x 3" x 0.2" (75mm x 75mm x 5mm)

Basswood : Pale white to light brown color - softer and lighter*
Cherry wood : Red color - hard - dense
Mahogany : reddish-brown color - very hardest - dense
Walnut : brown to dark brown - hard - dense

All woods are finely sanded, finished and coated two or three times based on wood specie and sealed perfectly to avoid water damage and increase durability.

Print is of high quality inks and will not lose colors / fade.

Resin used is of high quality clear epoxy resin and will not turn yellow or change color over time.

* softer wood specie like basswood are less resistant to temperature and environment changes and might slightly bend in some conditions.


It's not printed "on" the wood, It's infused "in" the wood

To carve our designs on wood, it is first cut by a laser cutter machine. Depending on each design some areas on the wood are removed. Later it is filled with clear resin. An artwork print of the design, with glitter effect is placed under the resin and is pressed hard to create a smooth and even surface to the eyes and touch. Finally wood finishes and coatings are applied, based on what wood specie is being used, stain or coat may be applied several times to make wood resin phone cases and wood resin drink coasters.

how FosilForm phone case is made


Wood cuts shape our designs

Wood sheets used for cell phone case and drink coaster designs are very thin and require extra care when working and handling them, but once it filled with resin and cured, it creates a very strong bond that will keep all detailed and fragile pieces together with the same cool appearance.

fossil form wood resign phone case

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